PagaTudo is the ideal payment solution for your business. Our platform enables your new and existing customers to shop on your site, and buy your products, even without a credit card or bank account, with ease and confidence.

AWe accept many different payment methods, such as bank invoices (boletos), transfers and deposits, and we also have thousands of physical locations, from small shops to supermarkets, where customers conveniently pay in cash, topping up their PagaTudo wallets - that will later be used to buy from your company.

Our solution follows the most rigid security standards and we are regulated by the Brazilian Central Bank (BACEN) ensuring a protected environment for your transactions and allowing for the safe storage of your customers’ data.

If you have any questions or even better, if you already have ideas to share, let’s build on them together and get results. 


Our rates are among the best in the market. We do everything and more, to make things as simple as possible.



Grow your business by reaching new customers and serving non-card holders.


We are known for simplying payment processes and we are proud of it.


Get paid quickly and focus on what is really important. Your attention is vital to your business: don’t waste it. 


PagaTudo is a Portuguese company with offices around the world and a team of specialists, capable of delivering high complexity projects in challenging deadlines. We are here to help you, no matter what size your company is. We have over 10 years in the payment industry and extensive know-how.


Innovative solutions for your business.